• Atalaya de Rio Verde, Spanien - Marbella, Spanien
  • Villa 1.800
  • 1.800 m²
6.900.000.00 EUR

Atalaya de Río Verde

Very attractive project of a grand villa with more than 1.800 square metres of close built area, 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, to be developed in Atalaya de Río Verde, a tranquil residential area close to Puerto Banús.

All spaces in this house will be of extra-large size yet withholding the feel of a friendly family house with details of rustic design integrated with modernity.

The emphasis is put on large floor to ceiling windows and doors to allow fusion with the exterior.

PROJECT: New build

LOCATION: Marbella

PERIOD: 17 months


PRICE: EUR 6.900,000.00

The price includes: Plot + Project + Licence (does not include construction).
Project means that the work of the architect is already completed and paid; plans, materials, calculations.
Licence means that all necessary permits to build are included.

Expenses if you buy the land + project + license: 21% VAT.
If the buyer wants, we can build the villa ourselves (we need to talk with the buyer about how he wants the construction; quality of materials, distribution, etc.).
Expenses of having the turnkey construction: 10% VAT + 3%, notary and registration.  The buyer chooses the materials, distribution and other characteristics of the villa, so the price depends on the buyer.
Construction time: 17 months.
Start of construction: up to the buyer.

Kaufpreis: 6.900.000.00 EUR
Wohnfläche: 1.800 m²